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I reject big tech's monopoly on moderation.

In these strange times during 2021 I have found myself longing for an Internet controlled by the people and not powered by a global dragnet on the common person (often mislabelled as advertisement). These "advertisements" are superhuman stimuli which track and follow all humans.

I consider these sorts of "advertisements" to be a form digital stalking (an outlawed, mentally and emotionally abusive action).

Big tech nudges YOU for attention and nudges YOU to spend. Big tech uses computers to track and profile preferences, tolerances, sex, geo-location, race, political affiliation, and more with the aim of to exploring and exploiting you, your family, your friends... everyone.

We must demand updates to our laws to prevent big tech from hiding behind their terms of service and corporate protections while claiming it is legal to cyberstalk all humans.

Get yourself out of the loop! We are all absolutely addicted to this stuff. These psychic manipulations work on the subconscious of all animals; no one is immune.

The future doesn't have to be doom and gloom. We can build a better way. We may not be able to compete with their datacenters or balance sheets, but perhaps we don't need to.

We must keep the conversation going and we must not shut down speech. We must not be afraid to talk, otherwise we will lose our ability to find compromise and a healthy path forward.

Starting today, Remarkbox is free.

If this resonates with you, follow this two-minute guided setup to use the software anywhere that supports HTML (web pages, static blogs).

We already have our own platforms, it's about time we start using them!

Most of the groundwork has already been laid out. Let's roll up our sleeves and build!

If you have ideas, software, or tech which could be operationalized to help build a new social cloud, please reach out to me, I would like to hear from you.

I leave you with this: be good to one another, use your speech to move people positively and follow the virtuous path, stay civil and moderate your own online discourse.

Those who control the narrative control history, and the future. Let us not stand idle during these times. We must not allow the powerful to have a monopoly on the moderation of speech.

Regardless of the labels and stereotypes tossed my way (even by friends), I choose freedom, and I choose to speak. I hope you do too.

We must not accept the old normal or the new normal. We have not been defeated, we must not be domesticated by the powerful. Let's build a better future together.

As always, please act civil when you speak your mind in the comments box below. I'd like to hear you, but I will moderate the discourse if things go sour.

After all I have that power, and so do you.

Russell Ballestrini
Remarkbox Founder
Wed Feb 3 09:06:21 EST 2021

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