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Did you know free comment systems track you and your visitors?

They force you to trade privacy and data to use their platform. Tracking is used for targeted advertisements and each day your privacy and data is being sold to people and companies.

This practice costs you real money and reputation.

Let me explain — the ads and tracking scripts they use:

  • trigger hundreds of extra requests which slow down your page load speeds
  • distract readers from your content and cause them to bounce from your page
  • are out of your control and could hurt your brand and image

The timeless adage "There is no such thing as a free lunch" communicates the idea that it is impossible to get something for nothing. In this case you pay for these "free comment services" through the direct sale of your privacy, content, and audience.

They also purposefully mislead your readers ...

Free commenting systems often have a cluttered and distracting user experience. These distractions cause your visitors to bounce, but it gets worse ...

Most of the major "platforms" are actively trying to pull your readers away from your site! You create original content and earn organic traffic while they skim off the top for their own gain.

One major platform displays a fake "1 notification" to your unauthenticated readers — tempting your readers into leaving your site!

These "free comment systems" do not have your best interest in mind.

If you're anything like me, you demand a better way ...

Remarkbox is the Hosted Comment Alternative

that works for the site owner, not against them.

Hey there, my name is Russell and I started working on Remarkbox back in 2014 to solve a problem I had after moving my Wordpress blog to a static site.

Static sites don't have comments and I knew my readers would still want to communicate with me so I started a search for the perfect hosted comment system to promote discussion.

My research found products which would slow down my site, or worse, serve ads! That very day, I set out to build my own solution because -

Remarkbox Demo animated gif

"How long could it take to build a comment system?"

3 years later, I'm finally ready to share Remarkbox: a hosted comment service that embeds in your pages to keep the conversation in the same place as your content.

Remarkbox increases user engagement because it:

  • allows a visitor to discuss your content right away without an account
  • supports Markdown with real-time comment previews
  • supports deeply nested replies with an orderly interface

... and the best part — fast page load speeds and absolutely NO ADS!

Are you ready to try on your site now?

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