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Hosted comments without ads or tracking ... read more

Remarkbox is an open source comment system built to engage readers with your content.

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Your search for the perfect hosted comment system ends today

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You switched to static for speed ...

But your comment system is slowing you down.

You already know that —

  • your page is only as fast as your slowest resource
  • search engines rank using page load speeds
  • free comment systems have a business model that prioritizes ad revenue (and hijacking your traffic and readers) over page speed

But did you know that Remarkbox's priority is to help you rank higher in search?

Yes, our goal is to help you capture search traffic from the long tail keywords in your user generated comments while we keep your page load speeds as fast as possible.

We optimize for speed and take a minimalist approach by default so that your comments stay lean and feel like part of your site, not something bolted on.

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Plans and Pricing

Production Yearly

Pay what you can!


One moderator on a few domains with complete control over behavior & appearance
Our business model depends on reciprocity and trust to succeed. We do not set price, but wish for you to contribute what you feel the software and service is worth.
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Did you know?
Did you know Remarkbox powers it's own FAQ and Meta websites? Yes, it's true Remarkbox may operate as a forum in stand alone mode. If this is interesting to you reach out to Russell.

About Remarkbox

Russell Ballestrini - Founder
I started work on Remarkbox back in 2014 to solve a problem I had after moving my Wordpress blog to a static site.

Static sites don't have comments and I knew my readers would still want to communicate with me so I started a search for the perfect embedded comment system to promote discussion.

My research found products which would slow down my site, or worse, serve ads! That very day, I set out to build my own solution because -

"How long could it take to build a comment system?"

... 3 years later, I launched Remarkbox: a hosted comment service which embeds in your pages to keep the conversation with your content.

Remarkbox increases user engagement because it:

  • allows a visitor to discuss your content right away without an account
  • supports Markdown with real-time comment previews
  • supports deeply nested replies and has an orderly user interface

... and the best part - fast page load speeds and absolutely NO ADS!

Try on your site now, risk free, no card required.

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Do comments help with SEO ?

Do Remarkbox comments help with SEO and search?

Spoiler: Yes!

Resilient Web Design

Remarkbox follows resilient web design principles. This means Remarkbox will work even when Javascript does not.

When Javascript works, Remarkbox will powerup and enhance the user experience!

For more details read: Capability driven Presentation

Increase User Engagement
Everyone knows asking a visitor to create an account acts like a barrier to engagement. With Remarkbox, a visitor may interact with your content without an account.

When a user leaves a comment we collect their email address and send a verification email to log them in.

The end result is a visitor can comment right away without needing to signup or remember a password.

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