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Your readers want to communicate with you

Remarkbox offers a comment system to
help engage readers with your content.

It works everywhere, even static sites.

To get started, put this snippet into
your HTML, we handle the rest!

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Looking for a Disqus alternative?

Disqus serves advertisements and has a distracting user experience which causes your visitors to bounce. We all want a better way. As a result, Remarkbox was created as a comment system that works for the site owner, not against them. ... read more

Your search for the perfect blog comment system ends today

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Dissolve barriers of engagement
Everyone knows asking a visitor to create an account often leads to less engagement. With Remarkbox, a visitor may interact with your site without an account.

When a user leaves a comment we collect their email address and send a verification email to log them in.

The end result is a visitor can comment right away without needing to signup or remember a password.

Say No to Ads!
Other comment systems, like Facebook and Disqus, track your (and your visitor's) activity to serve ads.

Here at Remarkbox we respect your privacy and never serve ads. In fact, we only promote your message because we work for you, not them!

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About Remarkbox

Russell Ballestrini - Founder My vision of Remarkbox started back in 2013 while porting my blog from Wordpress to Pelican, a static-site-generator.

I had a problem: what would I do with my readers comments?

My research found solutions which served ads and I didn't want that. I set out to build my own solution because -
"how long could it possibly take to build an embeddable comment system?" (hint: 3 years)

Lots of love and thought have gone into making Remarkbox. I hope you and your readers enjoy using it!
Resilient Web Design

Remarkbox follows resilient web design principles. This means Remarkbox will work even when Javascript does not.

When Javascript works, Remarkbox will powerup and enhance the user experience!

For more details read: Capability driven Presentation

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