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About Remarkbox

Russell Ballestrini - Founder

My vision of Remarkbox started back in 2013 as I prepared to port my blog from Wordpress to Pelican, a static-site-generator. I had a problem. What would I do with my readers comments?

All of my research found solutions which served ads - I didn't want that. In the end, I decided to build an embedable comment system. After a few prototypes, I had a eureka moment. I would merge the idea of an embedable comment system with a Q&A site.

The result is Remarkbox, a single web application which may serve either use case.

My confidence to scale Remarkbox stems from my success operating LinkPeek, your webpage screenshot service.


I want to close my account. May I access my comments?
Yes, Remarkbox provides facilities to export your comments.

Do you have any real examples?

Plans and Pricing
Beta signup mailchimp list, 2 messages a month

We hope to provide enough value that customers would pay $5/mo for a multi tenant account. We also know some Enterprises desire dedicated resources, so we will likely release installable packages (rpm/deb/docker/ami)

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